A Position of Trust

30th May 2014   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: < 1 minute


Evolution5 is pleased to announce the election of Managing Director, Jamie Barrett, as trustee of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

This is a great opportunity for Jamie to apply his skills and experience to make a difference to the CIOB, a professional institute he is passionate about. With Jamie’s experience as a director and senior manager he can bring to the trustee position strategic planning, sound management and leadership.

Jamie is keen to develop leadership in the Construction Industry and sees this as an opportunity to ‘demonstrate by doing’ and assist the CIOB further in becoming the leader of the Construction Industry.

On the subject Jamie commented “As individuals working in the Industry we have a greater responsibility to our colleagues and future generations to build an Industry recognised as a significant contributor to our economy”. He further added “We can do this by nurturing those with the ability to become leaders and inspire them to be the best they can. We need to be an Industry that the most talented people want to be part of”.

We hope you will take this opportunity to congratulate Jamie in his new role. We are expecting a lot from him!