BQ benefits for Contractors

5th April 2017   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do you have a tender to submit that is based on a Design and Build contract or a Specification and Drawings? Evolution5 can assist you in your tender submission by preparing a BQ to facilitate pricing the tender. Or, perhaps you have already won that important project and need to keep a firm handle on costs and materials. We can help.

Why have a BQ produced?

By engaging Evolution5 to produce your BQ you have a comprehensive list of items required for your project, together with descriptions and quantities. This enables you to prepare accurate tender submissions in a timely fashion.

When you subsequently win the job, our BQ will provide you a basis for valuations of work in progress in order to determine interim payment amounts. It also provides a basis to assess the impact of variations throughout the project. It can also assist in order of materials.

Benefits to Contractors of BQs

  • Detailed & accurate BQ on which to base your quotes and tenders
  • SMM7 or NRM2 applied to comply with industry standards and your requirements
  • Provides Builders Quantities
  • Bespoke measurement as defined by you
  • BQ is produced in different formats, ready for import directly into estimating software. You can also receive it via hard copy, email or on a disc

Types of BQ

Firm BQs

A firm BQ is designed to provide clients with a lump sum contract figure for the delivery of a fully designed construction project.

Approximate BQs

These may also be referred to as Notional BQs. This method would generally be used to produce cost estimates where there is insufficient information available to develop a firm BQ. In most cases it would be the client’s decision that a firm BQ is not necessary.

In these BQs, instead of providing for a lump-sum price, the tender price totals are provided. These are obtained by use of a quantified schedule of rates.

It is not unusual in these instances, for the contract to later be subject to greater cost variation. This is due to the fact that full measurements will be calculated after completion. Clearly time consuming and costly, but can allow for a much faster start on site.

  • Whilst Evolution5 does provide both types of Bills, we would generally recommend the use of a firm BQ to ensure greater cost certainty, if the stage of design allows. In addition, this would generally be considered the more cost effective option as there is no need for re-measurement.

What can you expect in a Bill of Quantities?

Typically a BQ would comprise:

  • Summary
  • Preliminaries information and requirements
  • Preliminaries pricing schedule
  • Measured works
  • Risks identified
  • Provisional sums allowed
  • Provisional dayworks sums
  • Annexes as applicable

For more information or to discuss your requirements email or call Sam on 02380 405073