Evolution5 Supports Abby’s Heroes

About Abby’s Heroes

The aim of Abby’s Heroes charity is to help and support children and their families, including bereaved families, who come under the care of the Piam Brown and the Teenagers and Young Adults (TYA) wards at Southampton General Hospital. The charity offers financial and practical help and the opportunity to make lasting memories for the children and their families.

Abby’s Heroes has been set up entirely with this in mind. Practical help will be given – financial grants to help people through a difficult time. Bereaved families may be given grants to help give parents time to grieve. Days out and fun memory-making grants will also be given, which will allow the families a chance to do something together.

Why Evolution5 Supports Abby’s Heroes

Supporting local charities and the communities in which we live and work has been part of our company DNA since day one. Over the years, we have supported a number of local charities and this year the team voted to support Abby’s Heroes.

Abby’s Heroes does incredible work to support the families of children undergoing treatment at our local hospital and, after meeting the charity to hear first hand about the impact their work has for children and families across Southampton, the team were keen to get on board.

Over the coming months we look forward to supporting Abby’s Heroes through events, fundraising activities and, where possible, other support that provides a valuable benefit for the charity.

Stay posted for details of events as they become available.

In the meantime, if you’d like to join us in supporting Abby’s Heroes, click the link below to make a donation. Any amount – large or small, makes a real difference to the local families they support.

Join us and support Abby’s Heroes today.