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Does construction management save time or reduce costs?

14th December 2021   |   Liz Clarke   |   Reading Time: 3 minutes

In a previous article we looked at the pros and cons of construction management. In this article we discuss the common question, “Will construction management save time or reduce costs?”

But first, a quick recap on construction management. Construction Management is a flexible, professional service that provides the effective procurement and delivery of your construction project. Unlike other procurement methods, construction management means that you (the client) retain greater involvement and control of your project. You can read more about construction management here.

But will it save time or reduce costs?

Can construction management save time on your project?

One of the biggest advantages of using construction management is that the process fosters a collaborative approach to delivering the project. This means that the various supply chain partners working on the delivery of your project have a shared aim and therefore when problems arise, they are tackled in a non-adversarial manner.

But what about your project timescales?

Construction management is particularly advantageous when you need to get started on site quickly. Your appointed construction manager will usually be involved from the point of planning permission and will programme your project for the most efficient delivery. For example, if the full developed design is not complete, work can commence on site whilst the full design is ongoing. Similarly, your construction manager will programme trade packages to create seamless interfaces, overlapping activities where possible and reducing delays. 

If your project is a modular construction; groundworks, drainage, foundations and services can be completed on site whilst the modular fabrication is carried out which allows the modular building to be lifted into position on the agreed delivery date. 

As a client using construction management to deliver your project, you retain greater control than if you were using a Traditional or Design & Build (D&B) contract. Again, this offers time saving potential as, when changes or variations arise you have the ability to make decisions quickly. 

Can construction management reduce your project costs?

One of the primary misconceptions about construction management is that it will be more expensive for the client. However, this is not true. In fact, construction management affords you – the client – the benefit of buying gains that would normally be enjoyed by the main contractor. Not to mention that you are not picking up the bill for their overheads & costs, and even professional fees.

If your project was being delivered using a D&B or Traditional contract, risks exist relating to extensions of time, changes and variations, which can have a knock on impact on your budgets.

Construction management gives you direct control to adjust budgets as the project develops and allows you to benefit from the direct appointment of the trade contractors – whose contracts are administered by your appointed contract manager .Construction management can reduce your costs by 5-10% or more in some cases. 

In this video, Jamie Barrett explains more about construction management and the benefits it can bring to your project. 

A summary of the pros of construction management

Below are some of the key benefits of choosing construction management delivered by a suitably qualified and experienced construction manager.

  • A competent person to help you through the decision making process
  • Greater control over the outcome of your project
  • A collaborative, non adversarial delivery team
  • Buying gains that a contractor would otherwise enjoy
  • Ability to directly appoint specialist trade con tractors
  • Flexibility over the appointment of all trade contractors
  • Efficient project programming including concurrent activities that reduce the project timeline
  • No reliance on a single contractor – particularly important in uncertain economic times
  • Direct engagement with the design team 
  • Creation of local supply chains

What projects best suit construction management?

Construction management can be used for any project. However, in our experience, they are particularly well suited to industrial and commercial projects, self delivery of residential projects, modular construction projects and complex projects such as those which require plant and equipment that may be more costly than the actual building being delivered. 

Ultimately if you require speed, flexibility, direct control, influence over quality or will require specialist trade contractors, construction management will fit the bill. 

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