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Construction Management for Specialist Projects

22nd November 2022   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

The benefits of construction management for specialist and complex projects

When undertaking the delivery of a specialist project (for example) a scientific research facility, non-standard industrial facility or a place of worship), you are likely to require the services of bespoke trade contractors to undertake certain aspects of the construction.

In this article, we consider how construction management can benefit the delivery of specialist or complex projects affording benefits compared to appointing a main contractor. 

Smart project programming

Construction management is a procurement option that lends itself to successfully delivering complex projects. In particular, it is an agile solution that can mobilise quickly. Construction managers often devise project programmes that allow activities to run concurrently where appropriate – in turn reducing construction programme times. 

What’s more, because you (the client) retain greater control of the project when compared to assigning project delivery to a main contractor, project changes can be considered and approved more quickly. 

Your appointed construction manager is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the construction process are well coordinated and works closely with architects, engineers, and other members of the professional team to ensure that the project is executed according to plan. 

They oversee trade and specialist contractors, ensuring work is carried out safely and efficiently. They build a collaborative, multidisciplinary team working towards the same goal – the successful delivery of your project.

Simplified change control and risk management

As mentioned above, unlike using a main contractor to deliver the project on your behalf, appointing a construction manager means project delivery stays within your control. This offers benefits when it comes to decision-making and change control, giving you the flexibility to make changes as the project evolves. It should be remembered that project risk, which would usually pass to the main contractor, remains with you. 

Engaging specialists and managing bespoke builds

A construction manager will directly manage the issuing tenders and appoint and manage trade packages. This is particularly useful if your build includes any aspect of “non-standard” construction. 

For example, if you are building a scientific research facility, you are likely to have specific requirements such as laboratory technology; a religious building may demand the services of specialist tradespeople; a cutting-edge industrial facility may be needed to accommodate first-of-its-kind plant and machinery. 

Often these types of complexities require your construction manager to source experts with specific skill sets or experience,  and also requires a level of flexibility in how the project is delivered. 

Evolution5’s experience

Evolution5’s construction management professionals have extensive experience in delivering specialist and complex projects across London and the south east. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals, define required quality standards, discharge their statutory obligations under CDM Regulations and fulfil the role of principal contractor to facilitate the delivery of projects. 

We have provided construction management services for a wide range of projects, including:

Working with Evolution5

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of working with Evolution5 to deliver a specialist or complex construction project or have a stalled project that you need help to get back on track, please contact the team via the button below or by calling 023 8040 5073.