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Improving sustainability from project inception

14th June 2022   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sustainability is now very much part of the construction vocabulary. As an industry using a significant level of global resources, those of us working in construction have a duty and a desire to make the construction sector as responsible and sustainable as it can be.

Construction 2025, the joint strategy of government and industry for the future of the UK construction industry, aims to build a low-carbon construction industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment by 50%.

Whilst the use of renewable resources is paramount, sustainable construction doesn’t just mean building with environmentally friendly materials. For a construction project to be sustainable in its entirety, environmental considerations need to be embedded from the project’s inception through to the final build.

Instilling sustainability principles right from the beginning of the project will provide the greatest chance for the development to be as sustainable as possible at every stage, whilst also helping to ingrain an expectation of sustainable ethos throughout the whole of the construction industry.

Sustainability and project design

The true foundation of a sustainable construction project begins with making responsible plans. A responsible project plan and design will create a healthy and efficient development that aims to minimise negative environmental impacts and energy consumption.

From the project’s inception, sustainable architecture can be used to formulate the building’s materials, energy, construction methods, resources, and design. A sustainable design and plan will also consider conservation of natural resources and protection of local ecosystems and environmental biodiversity.

Ensuring that a development design and plan is sustainable can be a complex process. A project manager who specialises in sustainability will use knowledge and techniques to maximise the use of innovative materials and advancements in construction to ensure effective sustainable design and planning.

Sourcing a sustainable supply chain

A construction project has a wide impact during its development, with a significant supply chain spanning the industry.

By stipulating sustainability requirements in the project brief and procurement process, the environmental benefits can be maximised.

Sustainable procurement not only assesses the benefits of using different suppliers for the procurer but also ensures that any suppliers or materials associated with the project are sourced responsibly and in a way that supports the wider environment.

Sustainable procurement will ensure that the whole supply chain for the project is reputable and shares the same sustainable and ethical ethos. 

Building sustainably

The on-site ways in which construction companies can improve sustainability are numerous and ever-evolving with the continual emergence of new technologies.

Using renewable energy, minimising site waste, recycling, building with renewable, alternative and recycled materials, and protecting the natural environment around the site, all contribute to sustainable building.

Future-proofing sustainable developments

The construction process is a fragment of the lifetime of the building itself.  The end result of a sustainable construction project should be a development that sustains itself for the future in an environmentally friendly way.

Sustainable construction should create lasting developments that are energy-efficient, reduce consumption and waste, and minimise demand on local utility infrastructure.

How Evolution5 can help you

Evolution5’s aim is to protect and preserve our planet. We strive to do this by implementing practices that ensure better lives for us all, environmental leadership and a climate of excellence. Our commitment runs through the heart of the company and is driven by our people, and also clearly communicated to those with whom we collaborate, and for whom we provide our professional services.

Evolution5 believes that everyone we do business with has a duty to contribute to making construction a responsible and sustainable industry.

Our award-winning team is experienced in supporting clients across London and the South East from the feasibility stage through to project completion. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you secure external investment for your construction project with robust project management services get in touch for a complimentary initial consultation.

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