Why we love project management (and you should too)!

17th January 2017   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

Have you ever wondered what makes a project manager tick? Obviously we can’t speak for everyone but for us, project management is all about the realisation of dreams. And that is why we love project management!

We understand that might sound a bit grand to some, but in reality it’s what the Evolution5 team are about.

As a client, you have a project to deliver. It may be a school, hospital, shopping centre, university building or any other structure within the built environment. And people have visions of that building.

The architect has a vision of how their design will translate into reality. The end users have visions of what the building will offer and you, our client, has a vision which is certain to include timely, hassle-free delivery within your budget and meeting your specifications to fulfil a need within your estates portfolio.

Turning those visions into reality whilst achieving a timely, hassle-free delivery in line with your budget is where Evolution5 come into their own.

As our client you will be allocated a dedicated project manager who will take the time to get to know and really understand your requirements. This information underpins the service you will receive and ensures that, no matter what, your aims, requirements and aspirations are firmly at the heart of how we deliver your project.

Nobody knows better than you, what your business needs to achieve, after all, you are an expert in your field. What we bring to your project, is an extensive, hands-on knowledge of the construction industry, the practicalities and the common pitfalls you must avoid to turn your vision into reality.

It is that experience coupled with a passion for construction and total commitment to delivering 5-star customer service which sets Evolution5 apart from our competitors.

To find out how Evolution5 can help you achieve your business aims and objectives, increase and enhance your estates portfolio and manage your budgets, contact us today for your free, confidential, no obligation initial consultation.

Learn to love project management, just like we do!