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Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Construction Management (CM)

21st February 2022   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 3 minutes

The benefits for your project

As the use of modular buildings continues to rise, Evolution has experienced increased interest in Construction Management for the delivery of projects using modular buildings, with clients keen to understand how they can benefit from opting for modern methods of construction.

Construction Management and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are a perfect combination for anyone considering opportunities to deliver projects quickly and effectively whilst enhancing sustainability credentials.

In this article we will help you understand how MMC and Construction Management work together to deliver a successful project outcome. 

What is Construction Management?

Construction Management (CM) is a professional service that can be used to procure the delivery of a construction project as an alternative to D&B or Traditional procurement routes. You can read more about this here. 

Construction management is often utilised by clients who have been let down by their existing provider. The client appoints a CM who takes over delivery of the project, acting on the client’s behalf. Because the CM is appointed by the client and directly manages the trade contractors, the client has confidence that their best interests are protected. 

The CM’s mandate is to collaborate with all parties to ensure a project is delivered at, or under, budget and achieves the required quality standards.

What are Modern Methods of Construction?

Put simply, modern methods of construction (MMC) is the term used to describe offsite manufacture of modular buildings, or their components, which are then transported for use in their final location. MMC offers a sustainable, efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional methods of construction. 

What are the benefits of modern methods of construction (MMC)?

The benefits of modern methods of construction include:

Reduced project delivery timeframes

Because modular buildings are manufactured, rather than built on site, the project can be programmed to include concurrent activities. For example, while the factory build is underway, groundworks, drainage and foundations can be completed on site. Research by various modular manufacturers estimate 70% time savings can be achieved.

Reduced waste

The mass production methods used for MMC reduces waste. Materials are reused or recycled and the production process enables the most efficient use of materials. Industry estimates suggest around 90% less waste is created by MMC owing to the precise manufacturing process in place. 

Environmental performance and sustainability 

Modular construction uses more sustainable materials and produces buildings with enhanced environmental performance compared to traditional methods of construction. 

Traffic to site is reduced, as is vehicle movement on site, improving both safety and environmental performance of the site. 

Project risk

The controlled manufacturing environment reduces the potential for delays owing to weather or other environmental factors on site in turn improving cost and time certainty for clients. Similarly, the production methods improve quality consistency. 

How do construction management and MMC combine?

Your construction manager is responsible for programming the project. They will manage the trade contractors, combining teams onsite where applicable to prepare the site for the installation of the modular buildings more quickly than in traditional construction. 

Quality control is paramount. For example, the modular units must be lifted onto the prepared site and connect with the services that have been put in place. This means it is critical that your construction manager has the skills and experience to ensure accuracy and quality is achieved. 

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