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What pre-construction information does a construction project need?

1st August 2022   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

A legal requirement for any construction project in the UK is the pre-construction information required by CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Usually collated in the form of a pre-construction document or pack, a construction project cannot commence until the information has been produced – so it will be one of the first things that any development project team needs to consider.

Why is pre-construction information needed?

Pre-construction information provides relevant details about the health and safety factors associated with a construction project and how they should be managed – it should be shared with the entire project team from designers to contractors.

This information is also important for the project’s tendering processes enabling prospective contractors to be fully aware of the project’s health & safety requirements and expectations.

Who is responsible for creating pre-construction information?

The client has the primary responsibility to provide the pre-construction information for the project, but on construction projects with more than one trade contractor, the client has a duty to appoint a principal designer to assist the client in line with CDM regulations.

By appointing the principal designer at the earliest opportunity, the client will benefit from their expertise in ensuring full compliance with health and safety for everyone working on the project throughout.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the principal designer has the relevant skills, knowledge, training, qualifications, capability, and capacity for the role.

A reliable, reassuring, and efficient way to meet the position of the principal designer is by appointing a specialised consultant to fulfil the role.

Find out more about appointing a Principal Designer.

What information should be included?

The pre-construction information should include detailed site documentation supported by relevant surveys and reports. It is the principal designer’s responsibility to gather this information from the client and relevant third parties.

Information that should be included in the pre-construction information includes:

  • Project details.
  • Client brief and expectations.
  • Key dates and project timeline.
  • Background information about the site including any existing records, surveys, and plans.
  • Information about the management of the project and details of the key contacts (the client, principal designer, and other consultants and contractors).
  • Environmental restrictions and hazards.
  • Health & safety information.

The pre-construction information should be presented clearly and concisely with relevant and appropriate detail.

What should be done with the information?

Once the documentation has been gathered, it should be shared promptly and conveniently with all contractors and designers appointed to the project or that are tendering for the project.  Any updates or additional information should also be shared as and when it becomes available.

How Evolution5 can help with pre-construction information

Evolution5 is a professional consultancy offering principal designer, project management, health & safety, and CDM15 compliance for projects across London and the South East.

When you appoint us to act as the principal designer we plan, manage, monitor, and coordinate all pre-construction activities on your behalf. This ensures that you comply with your obligations under the CDM regulations and that the health & safety of your project is well managed with all risks monitored and controlled.

We specialise in preparing pre-construction information which we collate and present using tried and tested industry-approved processes.

If you have a construction project and would like to explore how the team can help you, click the button below or call 023 8040 5073.