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Why do only 60% of RIBA Architects offer Principal Designer services?

15th January 2018   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

In December 2017, the RIBA published research that revealed only around 60% of registered architectural practices offer Principal Designer services. Considering the CDM Regulations 2015 were designed to encourage Architects to undertake this role, the question has to be, why are so many not doing? And if the Architects aren’t doing it, then who is?

Actually, the answer to first question is probably pretty simple. Despite the name, the role isn’t really a design function. Whilst we can’t speak for all architects, many of those we have spoken to about the provision of Principal Designer services make it clear that there is little appetite to add these duties and responsibilities to already compressed design programmes.

So, if Architects aren’t fulfilling these duties, who is?

Conversations with Architects we work with have revealed that it is much more appealing to outsource the role of Principal Designer to an independent provider with experience of undertaking the role.

Often the information required under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 is extensive and can take a substantial amount of time to produce, which takes time away from the all-important design work.

By engaging with Evolution5 early in the project the Architect is relieved of Principal Designer duties allowing them to focus on their primary task, designing the building the Client wants and needs. In the meantime, Evolution5 provides a skilled PD to undertake the Health & Safety overview concurrently with the ongoing design development.

Appointing an independent Principal Designer, the Architect can show there is a degree of impartiality when considering the design in terms of cleaning, maintenance and finally demolition. In turn, this gives the Client confidence that the designs are safe and meet the necessary regulatory requirements from the start.

With extensive experience in delivering this service Evolution5 has clear understanding of what information is required, how to get it and how to communicate it effectively to other duty holders. What’s more, whilst many Principal Designers cease involvement during the construction phase of projects, Evolution5 believe in remaining accountable and take a proactive approach to the project throughout construction and beyond.

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