A delivery partner with extensive experience supporting clients to navigate the process of cladding remediation from insight and knowledge into alternative, safe, and compliant materials to working with reputable suppliers to carry out the remediation works.   

The need for cladding remediation particularly applies to the type of cladding used at Grenfell – Aluminium Composite Material, or ACM – made from polyethylene plastic sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium.

A range of other non-ACM cladding materials have also been identified as being unsafe in a fire and in need of remediation, including High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels.

To meet the new safety regulations, unsafe ACM and non-ACM cladding must be removed from high-rise residential buildings and replaced with materials of limited combustibility to help prevent the spread of fire.

An experienced partner you can trust

Evolution5 is experienced in supporting clients through the BSF Stage 2 funding approval process, successfully negotiating the PCSA and managing project delivery activities. We routinely support clients with limited experience in dealing with construction projects of such size and sensitivity. As such, our approach to these projects is designed to ensure; our clients are well supported at every stage; the project programme and budget are robustly managed and can achieve the successful completion of remediation works; and our clients secure EWS1 Fire Safety Certificates for their buildings.

With extensive experience in procuring the specialist teams required (including fire engineer, technical designer and approved inspector) we ensure that all eligible works are identified and included for the successful completion of the project delivering high-quality outcomes for the client, leaseholders, tenants and other interested parties. 

How Evolution5 can help

Evolution5 is a professional consultancy offering project management, cost management, employer’s agent, contract administration and clerk of works services for cladding remediation projects across London and the South East.

We have extensive experience in supporting clients in navigating the process of cladding remediation, from insight and knowledge into alternative, safe, and compliant materials to working with reputable suppliers to carry out the remediation works.   

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  • You have a single point of contact throughout the project life-cycle so you always know who to speak to about any aspect of your cladding remediation project
  • Through timely and accurate reporting keeping you informed of the status of your project, allowing you to make informed and considered decisions
  • Technically excellent, professionally qualified surveyors who will work closely with your professional team and build cohesive and collaborative working relationships
  • Expert advice based on extensive experience and knowledge of the construction industry
  • Experience supporting clients through the BSF Stage 2 Funding and project delivery process

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