Choosing the right main building contractors to deliver your project can be the critical difference between project success and failure. When appointed as the main building contractor, Evolution5 provides a dedicated and experienced team of construction professionals to deliver your project on time and in line with your budget.

Evolution5’s main building contractor service is a demand-led addition to our long-established suite of professional services.

With decades of experience delivering construction projects across various sectors, including forecourts and filling stations, retail, residential, commercial, industrial and insurance reinstatement works, the team delivers high-quality principal contractor and principal designer projects across London and the south. 

The Evolution5 Way

Fast-track projects with tight deadlines mean our clients demand robust pre-start planning and coordination to ensure everything is lined up before the project starts. Our personable team delivers and often exceeds this expectation because every project is approached with a flexible, can-do attitude focused on solving your problems – often before they even arise. 

Thanks to their years of experience delivering construction projects on-site and often in constrained, live sites with stringent compliance standards to be met, the team knows what it takes to deliver on time.

Cost certainty and speed of delivery are critical factors for our clients. Our team manages your project(s) through the pre-construction and construction phases to ensure the build is completed in line with your construction programme and the project budget. With a robust supply chain approval process, we can ensure that the most appropriately skilled sub-contractors are engaged, which means the final build quality is in line with your project goals. 

What sets Evolution5 apart from the competition?

The unique mix of contracting and consulting experience within our business means the multiple facets of your project are thoroughly considered, identifying and mitigating potential pitfalls at the earliest opportunity.

You can be assured that your requirements, using innovative solutions to maximise your outcomes and providing added value, are at the centre of everything we do.

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  • A flexible team with a ‘can do’ approach.
  • Wide sector experience, including fuel station forecourts, retail, leisure and insurance.
  • Robust ‘pre-start’ scoping and planning to ensure your project runs smoothly on-site.
  • Award-winning leadership team delivering pragmatic and timely solutions for your project.
  • Experience working in live, operational environments and facilitating ‘business as usual’ for clients where required.
  • Main building contractors with a track record of delivering fast-track projects in line with stringent H&S standards.
  • Committed to delivering the best possible solution on time and within budget.
  • An in-house professional team providing cost, quality, programming and H&S expertise.
  • Collaborative ‘one team’ approach to achieve your project goals.
  • Enhancing the built environment through innovative materials and technology.
  • A robust supply chain approval process to safeguard the delivery of your project.


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