Evolution5 Six Facet Survey

What is a Six Facet Survey?

The six facet survey provides information for the strategy of NHS ‘core’ estates, and can also help in property transfer. It is an important requirement of the HBN 00-08 (NHS EstateCODE), and is seen as the minimum component of data which is necessary for decision making pertaining to the future of NHS estates.

Included in the NHS Premises Assurance Model (PAM), the six facet survey is best carried out by a reliable and experienced consultancy – we have the capabilities to deploy separate survey teams which are specialised in their nature, providing the survey with their own expertise in each required field.

Talk to the experts

Clients taking advantage of specialised consultants such as Evolution5 are able to benefit from accurate and updated data. Facet by facet, condition categories are allocated to properties, and a summary of remedial costs is provided. We can assist with prioritising repairs, replacements, reactive maintenance, renewals and capital works, but also with the capacity to then provide additional service to manage resulting works.

How does it work?

We gather the data itself using tried and testing methods which ensure accurate, comprehensive information is recorded. This data allows the condition of every element to be recorded and feed into an obligatory risk assessment which involves the calculation of a Risk Scored Backlog.

The six facets themselves are:

  • Facet 1 – Physical Condition Survey (Fabric and M&E)
  • Facet 2 – Statutory Compliance Audit (including Fire)
  • Facet 3 – Space Utilisation Audit
  • Facet 4 – Functional Suitability Review
  • Facet 5 – Quality Audit
  • Facet 6 – Environmental Management Audit

Evolution5 can offer the option to add extra facets to the survey, which provide added efficiency, as well as the ability to cut costs. Among the extra facets which NHS Estates Departments can typically choose are; Disabled Access Audit, Space Utilisation (also known as a Carter Review) and Asset Registers.

Digital photographs can be included as part of the report, recording items which are deemed to be non compliant, and allowing for solutions to be found. We can also provide graphical presentations which allow findings to be presented in an engaging manner in board meetings.

This service forms part of the full range of building surveying services offered by our team of surveyors.

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