Three Rules for Project Management

6th September 2013   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here are the three most pertinent Personal Rules (excluding soft skills for managing others) I use when managing projects:

1). Have a plan

This is obvious right? Well it should be, but unfortunately not to everyone. A plan is important as it provides the project team with direction – where its going, why its going there, how to get there, what needs doing to get there. Be careful though, circumstances change and so should the plan. Look to review it often and try not to get too bogged down in creating a masterpiece. The plan needs to be easily communicated to the team, so keep it simple and relevant.

2). Open your mind to other ways of thinking

This is a difficult one for us all. As human beings we naturally repeat what works, create ‘norms’ and get set it our ways. The problem with this is once you begin to think you are right and become rigid in your thinking, you’ve lost the game. Keep all options open and listen to others. The experience and knowledge of a team is far greater than one person and can contribute a great deal more. So be more flexible in your thinking – you never know you might learn something new!

3). Change what you can and save your time by leaving the rest

Projects can be complex, fast moving and time-consuming, so you’ve got to know how to best use your time. Pay attention to what on the project you have control over and leave the rest. This is not to suggest the other things are not important, but if you cannot change the outcome or do not have the control to do so, then simply save your time. Your efforts are far better utilised on the things you can change and make better.