We Are Ten – Tales from the team

10th October 2017   |   Jamie Barrett   |   Reading Time: 2 minutes

This year is a landmark for Evolution as

** We Are Ten **

It’s been quite a journey from the early days in 2007 when Carli and Jamie shared a desk in the corner of someone else’s office to where we are now in 2017. For a start, nobody shares a desk anymore!!

In fact, as well as our Hampshire Head Office, we also have a second office in London’s Kings Cross and 2017 has been our greatest year yet.

The roles the team have undertaken throughout their careers have been varied and, unsurprisingly have led to experiences they weren’t expecting. So, as we prepare for our anniversary celebrations later this week, we thought we’d share with you some ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ of the Evolution5 variety. These are the out-takes if you like.. so grab a cuppa, take a quick break and hear what the team had to say in response to the following questions:

Do you have a work related claim to fame?

I was once told to go away (although not that politely!) by Dave Stewart and Sinead O’Connor when I interrupted them whilst they were recording.

I once sat behind Mick Jagger and Brian May at their children’s school – I was Cost Manager for the new classroom block on the site.

On meeting the actor Richard E Grant, I replied  “Hello I’m Gary E Jacobs”. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t the first time he’d heard that!

On a site visit to an almost complete sports centre project we were told Suzi Perry was recording for the Gadget Show at the new swimming pool. Imagine the disappointment of the site team when she emerged in a full wet-suit!

What was the most interesting discovery you’ve ever made on site?

Hundreds of empty beer, wine and spirit bottles….. in the basement of a former Primary School!

When moving some desks for the relocation of staff to a new office building, a bottle of pickled herring that was 7 years out of date! The desk had been inhabited by its long term occupant just days earlier!

During an excavation a skeleton was found – the site was closed whilst police investigated.

Whilst working overseas a whole crane was ‘found’ during the excavation of a site.

Asked to assist a property owner find the source of a persistent damp problem, I discovered the ‘damp’ was in fact the result of his dog wee’ing against the wall..

Chimneys should be approached with caution. I have discovered a two storey chimney stack supported on a plank 100 x 20…. it was being supported on the 20mm side! Although that’s nothing compared to the discovery of a completely unsupported three storey chimney stack. Naturally that site was promptly closed.

What is the strangest request you’ve had from a client?

A high level manager was quite insistent about which room in a building was to be his office. The moves team couldn’t work out why as it was the smallest room with terrible lighting. But it turned out it was a room with a view…. straight into the dressing rooms of the neighbouring strip club.

We’ve always known that construction is anything but dull and hopefully some of these tales have jogged some memories of your own… if so, we’d love to hear them!

So, as you can see, there really isn’t much that our team hasn’t seen or done over the years and nothing fazes them…

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